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Are you staying legal with Canva?

Nicholette, one of my favorite business buddies sat down with me to chat about all things legal and Canva related. I'll let her take it from here.

Nicholette: There are two types of Canva people (okay maybe more, but stay with me here), the one is nervous about breaking the law when they use Canva and the other doesn't even know that there are legal consequences to think about.

Which one are you?

I was both. I went from not even thinking it's a thing to being uber paranoid. I don't want either one for you.

As my friend Tamsen Horton likes to remind me "every business decision, has a legal impact".

I've been keeping a list of all your legal questions (keep em coming babe) and I asked Tamsen to set the record straight on staying legal with Canva without letting it keep you stuck and not taking action on sharing about your business, using visuals.

Questions like ...

  • Can you be the next Kate Spade and use Canva to design your logo? 
  • Can you deck out, all of your graphics...
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How do I go about trademarking my business?

Updated 8/10/16

You have to know how to

  • run a trademark search,
  • where to file your application, and
  • who is going to handle the trademark registration in order to protect the name/brand that you're building your business around.

Massive benefits of knowing HOW to trademark your business

  • You stop stressing over "Is my name safe?" ~ You know that you're not committing trademark infringement, and you know HOW to make sure your own name/brand is on solid legal footing.
  • You know where to run a trademark search ~ no more mindlessly searching Google trying to figure out WHERE the legal information is that you need.
  • You know how to find the application ~ you know how to start it, save it, and submit it.
  • You know what you're comfortable doing ~ you can save money and time because you know what parts of the trademarking process you want to handle, and which ones you want to hand over to someone else.
  • You know what you're not comfortable doing ~ so you don't waste your time, money, and...
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Why You Need to Understand Trademark Laws

Every single business decision you make triggers and impacts trademark laws.

Think about all the places you are using your name in your business. Every single instance is impacting trademark law. The reason for this extreme level of impact is that the purpose of a trademark is to identify and distinguish the source of goods and services for consumers, so that when they are shopping in the marketplace - they can easily see a brand and know whether they'd like to purchase. 

Massive benefits of understanding WHY you need to pay attention to trademark laws

When you know WHY you need to pay attention to trademark laws as you are busy building a business around a name/brand, then you are able to protect ALL the:

  • Money and time you've spent on branding,
  • Money and time you've spent on your landing pages,
  • Money and time spent on design and layout of email sequences,
  • Money and time you've spent on your social media accounts,
  • Money and time you've spent on your website,
  • Money and...
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