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Is Kajabi really worth the cost?

  • "Do I really need Kajabi?"
  • "This other one is a fraction of the price."
  • "Is Kajabi really worth it?"
  • "Does it work like it says it does?"
  • "It's so expensive."

If you're asking yourself these questions then welcome to my brain because I asked the same questions back in November 2015 right before I took a deep breath, typed in my credit card number, and became Kajabi account #300. 

I get it. You're serious about your business. You want to make sure that the place you choose for your business is the right place.  

Evaluate your choices. 

Product/Service A (most expensive)
Product/Service B (middle)
Product/Service C (cheapest)
If money were no object, which would I choose? Specifically why?
How many products/services do I need to sell to make up the cost difference?
(A-B)/[price of my products] = ____
(A-C)/[price of my products] =...
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