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How to use rock, paper, scissors to decide which Kajabi product to make.

How do I figure out what product to make in Kajabi?

Now, we've talked about this a couple of times, but I wanted to share with you what I did with her play rock, paper, scissors.

If you have gone through NP2NYC™ Method and you know what you want to sell, but you're still struggling with, oh, but I could do this and I could do this and I just, I just don't know.

I totally get it. We try. We're creatives. We struggle with this.

If everything is equal and you can't decide which product wins first place.

You play rock, paper, scissors. 

Let's say that we have four choices. They're tied for first place, but we know if we try to build all four, they're not going to work. You have to be focused. You have to build one product at a time because by the time you do that one product and you do the email sequences and the automations and the offers and the upsells and the order bumps and the marketing and everything that goes into it, it's a whole lot more than one product. So...

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