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The 4 Legal Pages Your Kajabi Site Needs


The 4 Legal Pages Your Kajabi Site MUST Have

What are the legal requirements for my website for my online business?

You're serious about your business so having a website is a must.

However, having a website carries more responsibility than many realize. I think it's because it's so easy to get up and running in less than 5 minutes and so we are lulled into thinking that it's all fun and games. But it's not.

Being on the internet opens you up to new liabilities: customers, intellectual property infringement; handling payments and refunds.

Every business decision has a legal impact and you want them to be positive. Your legal notices on your website are areas you need to pay attention to.

  • GDPR Privacy Policy
  • Terms or Terms of Use (mean the same thing)
  • Disclaimers: professional, earnings, FTC
  • Disclosures: affiliate

What is a GDPR Privacy Policy?

The GDPR is a regulation that went into effect May 2018 and the triggers are collecting personally identifiable information from...

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3 Key Distinctions of a GDPR Privacy Policy for your Kajabi Site

Hello and welcome!

It's Tamsen Horton from PBK the gathering place for preneurs worldwide. Those of us unlocking our superpowers and living our vacationing life using Kajabi. Lives and businesses we don't need to escape from. Giving us health, wealth, and family freedom.

And this is your PBK power-up for Friday, June 14, 2019.

What makes the GDPR Privacy Policy different from before the GDPR? For the done-for-you GDPR Privacy Policy checklist, click here and you can access it immediately. 

Key Difference #1 is Use of information.

Before the GDPR, you could say any reasonable uses; after the GDPR, you need to provide the specifics on HOW you intend to use the information.

  • For example, to:
  • Email SUBSCRIBER the requested information from the COMPANY;
  • Email SUBSCRIBER a (daily/weekly/monthly) newsletter from the COMPANY;
  • Provide SUBSCRIBER access to the requested content from the COMPANY;


Key Difference #2 is You also need to transparently disclose where you are...

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