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Define Lifetime Access for your Kajabi Products, Courses, and Membership Sites

Hello and welcome!

It's Tamsen Horton from PBK the gathering place for preneurs worldwide. Those of us unlocking our superpowers and living our vacationing life using Kajabi. Lives and businesses we don't need to escape from. Giving us health, wealth, and family freedom.

And this is your PBK power-up!

I'm often asked what I think about offering lifetime access to programs and courses.

My answer is always - define what you mean by lifetime access.

You see "lifetime access" is a function of marketing. You are using it to communicate that when your customer buys that you are going to give them access forever and ever and ever to the content.

But that marketing feature has HUGE legal impact. You'll often hear me say, every business decision has a legal impact.

And deciding to offer "lifetime access" is a business decision and you want the legal impact to stay positive.

But getting legal and marketing to get along is really quite easy as long as you don't skip these steps.

1. Create...

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