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Which Kajabi plan is right for me?

What Kajabi plan should I choose?

First, know that you can always upgrade or downgrade Kajabi, so don't stress too much. If you start with the Kajabi Basic Plan, then you can upgrade to the Kajabi Growth Plan, or the Kajabi Pro Plan. If you start with the Growth or Pro plans, then you can always downgrade. 

Kajabi honors the pricing option that you came into Kajabi with, so as long as your account stays current and in good standing, you maintain any and all promotions you came into Kajabi with. 

What is the main difference between the Kajabi Basic Plan and the Growth Plan?

Here is the current pricing information and feature breakdown but after using Kajabi since November 2015 and as a Kajabi Hero and Kajabi Ambassador and running a business based on assisting Kajabians, this is the main difference as I see it between the Basic and Growth plans. 

What are Kajabi Automations?

Easiest way I know to explain Automations - a 24/7, 365 days/year, no breaks, no days off...

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