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How to Successfully Grow an Engaged Email List (and your list is under 5,000)


"I have 100,000 people on my list." 

Does the sight or mere mention of others' numbers send your self-confidence running for the hills?

Guess what - it's not the size that counts. It's the quality or better said - the engagement - aka buying!

Because I've seen many, many businesses with lists 10,000+ that struggle to make sales because the fact is that less than 10 have ever bought anything. You see a bigger list is just that - bigger but it isn't necessarily better.

A list full of people that open, read, reply, and buy - that is what you need when you are building your serious business with Kajabi. 

How incredible would it be if your subscribers and customers opened, read, and replied to all your emails just like your best friend, mother, aunt, or grandma? Pretty cool? It's totally possible and incredibly doable. 

First, let's just nail down some common understanding so we're on the same page.  

What is email list building?

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