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The Terms and Conditions for Your Online Courses, Memberships, 1:1 Services



One word that causes 100 different emotions in 100 different people.

As a business owner, you need one for your products and services.

And the best contracts NEVER need to ever see the light of day because they have done their job - bring all the expectations to the surface and everyone knows what is going on. 

Kajabi has made our lives super easy when it comes to adding our purchase terms to our offers. One of the quazillion reasons that people who are ready to DO business use this platform. 

Why do you need a contract? Plain and simple. You have expectations 

  • on how your content can be used;
  • on when you want to be paid;
  • on where you want legal actions handled;
  • on what can and can't be done in no less than 50 situations when it comes to your business

How do you put your contract or purchase terms into Kajabi?

Kajabi has made it SO easy.

It's freakishly easy and at the same time totally legally sound (gets this attorney's solid endorsement!) and just like...

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