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3 Ways to Minimize your Kajabi Membership Cancelation Rate

Kajabi's Facebook Live

Yesterday Kajabi had a fabulous Facebook live with Gravy Solutions and Jcron! Did you catch it? Gravy Solutions is working with Kajabi to help with member retention and caring about customers is definitely an area that I enjoy geeking out about because it's caring about people - and I'd venture that you value that also.

I'm also all about being proactive in our business ... what can we do to eliminate completely or minimize future headaches.

How to treat membership retention in a proactive way. 

Here were Casey's tips to helping you handle your membership retention in a proactive way. 

Stop overwhelming members.

Curb Overwhelm - find ways to make what you provide more simple. I call this simplify to amplify. He recommended constantly asking 2 questions from the perspective of your member:

1. What do I do now?
2. What do I do next?

Hire someone and watch them go through your membership.

His next tip (which I'm also a HUGE fan of) was get another set...

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