So, you're running an online business.

I bet today alone, you've got at least twenty tasks on your to-do list that are helping you grow your business so that it makes enough money to financially support your life. Quick question - Is your business safe?

simple and safe

Every business decision has a legal impact. Whether you mean it or not EVERY SINGLE DECISION YOU. MAKE in your business is impacted and intersected by a law of some kind. Personally I enjoy being on the side of the law that is making me money and saving me headaches. 

Buy Bizlebox Now as part of PBK = Legally Zip-up Your Business

Today it's a contract. Tomorrow someone copies you.

How in the world do you possibly keep up?

Every day you're making hundreds of decisions and every single one of those has a legal impact (a consequence) how in the world do you keep up? SEO, Facebook® ads, and social media scheduling are confusing enough and then toss in legal - how in the world do other people do it? Well, business and legal doesn't have to be confusing or overwhelming and bizle™ is here to keep it simple and make it safe.

You need it done right. You want it easy.

Pam shares her experience with Bizlebox during PBK's Fall 2020 pop-up group.

You know your business better than anyone else. Is it safe? Is what you're doing today protected in the way it needs to be? Business and legal is what I know best. Let me show you what bizlebox™ has to help you navigate your business.


Are you the first one to think that your brand is the best name ever? Or does someone else already have the trademark and you don't even know it?

Stock Photos

Do you really understand the rules when it comes to using photos that you didn't take?


Which ones do you need? What needs to be in them? Can you enforce what's in them if you needed to?


What really needs to be on your website? Does it really matter? What kind of trouble can you really get into?

Email Marketing

Are you following the laws? Do you know what the laws are? What kind of financial penalty could you be hit with, if you are breaking the law?


What is copyright? What do I need to be worried about? What do I do if someone copies my work?

No need to stress.

Business & legal is what I do best.

My best, bizlebox™, helps you do what you do best - your business. With quick, understandable, and solid guides, systems, and documents to protect what your business is doing and minimize the time you spend away from what you enjoy doing. (I'm guessing legal isn't registering high on your enjoyment meter!)


Running red lights is risky.

How often are you going to run a red light when you're driving your dream car? Run the risk of another driver slamming into and sending you to the hospital and the car to the repair shop. Are you running red lights with your business?

Virtual Assistants

How do you vet (investigate) who to hire? What kind of contract do you need? How do you make sure they keep your secrets safe? What if they take your money (or your passwords) and run?

You're the Admin

Do you wish your group was 50,000? Can you imagine the issues that would happen if you hosted a party (every single minute of every single day) for that many people? That's exactly what you're doing if you're an Admin for a Facebook group.

Guest Blogging

What happens if you use someone else's content without their written permission? Is the content they're giving you truly theirs, or did they 

Selling Courses

Did your marketing copy create a guarantee or a warranty for your course that you don't even realize? What happens if you're hit by a bus and can't deliver? 

Emergency System

It's not fun to think about but what happens to your business if something happens to you? What happens to your family if something happens to you?

Action Lists

Doctors have checklists. Pilots have pre-flight checklists. bizlebox helps you know what you need to be checking as you run your online business.

Learn how to brand like a lawyer.

When you're building a business around yourself and a brand, it's important to know exactly all the different legal impact points your brand is up against.


bizlebox™ is connection and content.

You don't need one more DIY online course.

You need quick, understandable, and solid resources to help you know what you need to do and when as you are starting, growing, and running your online business.

  • Short videos (average 10 minutes)
  • Mind maps to give you the nitty-gritty details and also see the BIG picture.
  • Flowcharts to give you the roadmap when you're completing a multi-step process.
  • Documents with step-by-step instructions.
  • A real person, who is grounded in the law and beyond excited and curious about all that is business, who can answer your questions.

Stop Depending on the Masses

Social media groups are great for many, many reasons, unfortunately getting accurate, solid, and understandable information about the true legal impact of your question is not one of them. Every single video, audio, download gives you the opportunity to ask questions to Tamsen directly. No more midnight Google® searches or panicked Facebook® group posts for you when you have bizlebox™ in your toolbar.