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When considering collaborations, joint ventures, or partnerships, it's important to be careful. Rushing into them can potentially destroy friendships and drain bank accounts. Biz Pre-Nup shows you what you may not have considered, including the roles and responsibilities of each party, potential financial risks, and how any conflicts or disagreements will be resolved. You don't want to survive a business divorce, you want to avoid them entirely!

  • Work through each area that impacts your collaborations: business, legal, financial, taxes, intellectual property

  • Protect your time and money

  • Create a legally secure way to co-mingle your ideas and money with others

  • Ask questions and receive direct answers any time

BIZLEBOX™ Customers

Now that I have BIZLEBOX™ I am able to actually DO something to make revenue, worry-free.

Gena Ferrabee

I purchased BIZLEBOX™ because knowing Tamsen is looking out for me and my business is all I needed to not look elsewhere.

Todd Sisung