On-demand. Asynchronous. In your phone.

This service is specifically designed for modern online business operators who face self-imposed deadlines, ambitious goals, and the challenge of balancing work with other responsibilities, such as kids, parents, and pets. We understand that it's all part of the fun!

If you need on-demand support from me, Tamsen, to access help with things like picking my brain, asking for my opinion, or receiving targeted advice on questions that come up, as well as having someone to hold you accountable, then VOXER support is here to help.

Our weekly support is offered as individual packages with no subscription or recurring payment required. If it is available, you can purchase it.

Here are the boundaries in place:

✅ We stick to the Voxer app as it allows voice, video, files, text, & keeps everything in order. 

✅ Delivery of a reply within 2 hours during the hours of 6am - 7PM EDT any day (no expectation of replies between 7PM-6am EDT)

✅ $500/weekly (this is a one-time charge, no subscription, no recurring charge) if you want more weeks, then you can purchase with the links provided via email. 

✅ Unlimited use for you - ask the questions, send me anything! 

$500.00 USD

When you purchase, you agree to these PURCHASE TERMS