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If you’re reading this - what you need to know is that Tamsen is THE Ka-jenius!

My only hesitation about working with her was that I thought I had it all figured out on my own, and I was afraid I would waste her time. Since working together I have total clarity, confidence that I have a solid structure, I am creating ART with the Kajabi platform, aaand...I'm currently at $990 in sales (announced less than 24 hours ago!)!!

What I liked best was how she Tony Starked* my heart and my brain!! Something I couldn't have done on my own. They would have remained in a constant wrestling match.

For the first time, I feel like my business is an extension of ME. As a result everything is feeling easy and effortless. From the copy, to the graphics, to the structure of my website, it's just ME.

I would, HAVE, and will continue to recommend her to everyone! Her ability to think outside of the box is a true gift, and her passion and skill with Kajabi is untouchable. I have/will recommend her to business clients and friends who want the freedom of managing their own courses and membership sites (and entire businesses) on one platform without requiring ongoing outside help.

Shalon Ironroad, Creator of the Freedom Resort

Team pbk Members

Jenn Vazquez

As amazing as New Kajabi is, there is a learning curve. Being part of Team pb.k is like having "New Kajabi for Dummies" to help you shorten the learning curve of all things New Kajabi. But it's more than just information. Tamsen, and the rest of the team, are there for you when you get stuck (the brainstorming that goes on is priceless). It's a supportive community of awesome people using New Kajabi to do amazing things! If you're overwhelmed trying to set up New Kajabi on your own, do yourself a favor and join the team!

Jennifer Spooner-Hunt

One of the best things about being part of team pb.k is the focus it gives me. As the sole income provider, joint-homeschooling parent, and mama to (almost) 3 kids, starting a side business is hard and there's never enough time. When I start to disqualify an idea because "that would take too long" or "this won't work with my life right now", Tamsen + the members of team pb.k help tweak my ideas and mindset to focus on what's actionable + profitable right now. Having a group of like-hearted entrepreneurs in my corner has resulted in me making more progress in the last 3 months than I have in the last 7 years, and I'm in awe with how the "impossible" is now within reach.

Stefani Reinhold, MD

"Omg, you NEED Team PBK! As with any new, shiny tool, you need the instruction manual in order to get your money's worth. New Kajabi has it all and is the best platform out there! But without team pb.k, I'd be clueless. In only a couple weeks' time, I've finished what would have taken me a year or more on my own. I'm close to finishing my first product, landing page, building page, and website design all thanks to Tamsen! You don't need a web designer (they won't understand new Kajabi anyway). You just need Team PBK!"


Pipeline Power Customers

When you bring the power of Kajabi's Pipelines together with the Facebook Messenger bots, and Facebook Ads you end up with PIpeline Power. Then sprinkle all of it with my legal knowledge = win, win, win!


My only hesitation was the price, why was it only $19*? Since going through Pipeline Power I’ve nearly sorted out all the legal requirements that I needed to take care of. The legal aspect and resources are what I liked the best and feeling supported by you. The most important thing people should know about working with you is how approachable and helpful you are. (*There was a special price during the first release.)

Kerri Neinert


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