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Work With Me

What can I help you find?

If you prefer pictures there is a flowchart below that you can use to find what you need.

I need to join BIZLEBOX™.

Great! We'd love to have you join the Jammer Community! Click here.


I need to protect the brand I'm building my business around.

You'll want to click here to access the various ways that you can choose how to move forward with trademarking the brand identifier that you've created.


I need to make sure I've covered my bases before selling my online course.

Kudos to you for taking care of this SUPER IMPORTANT part of any launch! You'll want to get Check Your Course™ and can find out that information by clicking here.


I need to protect my ideas.

Yes you do! Copyright Class has you covered. (And I'll start by teaching you that you can't protect ideas ... )


I need a contract for ...

  • the people buying my course
  • the people booking my services
  • the people I'm hiring to help me in my business (VA, coaches, developers, strategists, social media managers, etc.)
  • the people that are contributing to my course, blog, website, podcast 
  • Click here to check out BIZLEBOX™ Quick Start Documents (this is included in BIZLEBOX Plus and Premium levels)

I need to create a licensing program.

Awesome! (This might just be my favorite topic in all the business + legal world!) License to Thrive™ will walk you through step-by-step all the pieces you need to think through and strategize about when adding a licensing arm to your business.



Ready to simplify business, legal, and Kajabi? 

Ready to be on the beach without your laptop because your work is done? Ready to really only work that couple of hours a day? Good because around here we simplify while we protect what matters most. Love to have you join in.