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Free Trainings

Click the links to register for these upcoming webinars.


1-Hour E-course Design

Click here to register. If you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in less than an hour, then you can design your E-course in 1-hour. Using mindmapping - the Swiss Army® knife of online tools and my step-by-step system, you can create the layout of your E-course in the time it takes to watch your favorite TV drama.

Protecting Your E-course from Copycats

Click here to register. Discover the simple and practical steps you can take to legally protect your E-course from copycats. 

Create a Legally Solid Refund Policy

 Click here to register. Do you wonder if your refund policy is right? Do you have the right words in it? Can you really enforce it? Then join me for this webinar, and I'll show you exactly what you need to include to create your own legally solid refund policy. 

Is Licensing Right for Your Business?

Join me and discover what really goes into creating a successful and profitable licensing program for the products and services you've already created. My career in trademark licensing was the driving force that sent me to law school! I love licensing and the potential for digital companies is huge! Click here to register.

Avoid Committing Trademark Infringement

Learn the key questions you need to ask yourself when you are naming programs, products, and services for your brand - so you don't commit trademark infringement. Click here to register.


BIZLE™ Box | Mini

Is a one-time fee to access the mini-course and all the curated live streaming content + content upgrades that I provide during a broadcast. Click here for more information.

BIZLE™ Box | Monthly

Is a monthly-subscription service designed to deliver actionable "boxes" of exactly the information you need to run your business. Click here for more information.



Ready to simplify business, legal, and Kajabi? 

Ready to be on the beach without your laptop because your work is done? Ready to really only work that couple of hours a day? Good because around here we simplify while we protect what matters most. Love to have you join in.