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About Us

It's morning and the kids decided to wake up an hour early. They're bouncing and ready to start your day! You're fumbling for the light switch so you can choose your coffee flavor to put into the Keurig©. 

A meeting at 10am, a quick drive across town for a lunch meeting, finish up that large project in the afternoon and remember to grab something for dinner on the way home. 

Nope scratch dinner - there is basketball practice tonight - dinner is on the go.

Does that sound like a recent day in your world? 

Do you wish that there was more time to do what you really love doing? To spend time with the people you love and don't get to see nearly enough.

Well, we can help. Not too long ago, 2011, we were new parents trying to wrangle being a lawyer and a teacher (very traditional jobs with fairly rigid hours and expectations) and finding ourselves too tired, too short with each other, and then tragedy struck our family - we tragically lost someone very close to us and that was our wake-up call.

Life was short and we were missing it.

Sure we were happily married, toddler, and had achieved the professions that all of our academic training had prepared us for but we weren't truly living. Practically overnight we decided that if today was it, then we were going to live like we would if we were on vacation - doing what we enjoyed, surrounded by the people we loved, and most of all living without regret.

We'd read heaps of books on how to automate our lives, work a handful of hours, and move to a tropical island in the South Pacific but what if we wanted to stay in our home, close to friends and grandparents, enroll in little league, go to sporting games and the theater ... what then? 

There wasn't a book for what we wanted. We didn't want to live out of a suitcase or have an automated drop-ship lifestyle. We wanted relationships. We wanted experiences. We wanted to live life with joy, laughter, and fun - lots of fun.

So, that's where #vacationinglife came to life. It helped us bridge the divide between suitcase lifestyle in the South Pacific and the traditional careers of being a lawyer and a teacher. 

We're far from perfect ... kids end up with iPads when we need some quiet, the monthly meal plan includes take-out at times, and we're still operating on less sleep than we want but what we have achieved is knowing that we are far more than our career labels and that we know how to take what we already know, share it with others, and make an income for our family doing it. 

When you're hanging out with us poolside in this digital world, you'll hear all about what goes into living as a modern family: parenting, careers, marriage, 


Ready to simplify business, legal, and Kajabi? 

Ready to be on the beach without your laptop because your work is done? Ready to really only work that couple of hours a day? Good because around here we simplify while we protect what matters most. Love to have you join in.