The "K" in Team pbk stands for Kajabi

The "pb" stands for our book, Easy As PB&J, and no worries our "pb" is allergy free. Once I knew that I'd fallen in LOVE with Kajabi - I knew I'd never leave and our "PB&J" became "PBK". Let me introduce you to the people that call Team pbk home.

Fitness Professional

As amazing as NK is, there is a learning curve. Being part of Team pb.k is like having "New Kajabi for Dummies" to help you shorten the learning curve of all things NK. But it's more than just information. Tamsen, and the rest of the team, are there for you when you get stuck (the brainstorming that goes on is priceless). It's a supportive community of awesome people using NK to do amazing things! If you're overwhelmed trying to set up NK on your own, do yourself a favor and join the team!

Jenn Vazquez, Purple Penguin Fitness

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Sole Income Provider & Mom of Three

One of the best things about being part of team pb.k is the focus it gives me. As the sole income provider, joint-homeschooling parent, and mama to 3 kids, starting a side business is hard and there's never enough time. When I start to disqualify an idea because "that would take too long" or "this won't work with my life right now", Tamsen + the members of team pb.k help tweak my ideas and mindset to focus on what's actionable + profitable right now. Having a group of like-hearted entrepreneurs in my corner has resulted in me making more progress in the last 3 months than I have in the last 7 years, and I'm in awe with how the "impossible" is now within reach.

Jennifer Spooner-Hunt

Doctor & Mom of Two

Omg you NEED Team PBK! As with any new, shiny tool, you need the instruction manual in order to get your money's worth. New Kajabi has it all and is the best platform out there! But without team pb.k, I'd be clueless. In only a couple weeks' time, I've finished what would have taken me a year or more on my own. I'm close to finishing my first product, landing page, building page, and website design all thanks to Tamsen! You don't need a web designer (they won't understand new Kajabi anyway). You just need Team PBK!

Stefanie Reinold, MD

Team pbk is family.

A space to connect, create, share, practice, ask questions, dig deeper, solve problems, learn new skills, test out ideas, play with new tech toys, launch new programs, share victories, and forge lasting connections with others who have decided to take their entrepreneurial journey with Kajabi.


Since Team pbk is a space to connect, create, share, practice, ask questions, dig deeper, solve problems, learn new skills, test out ideas, play with new tech boys, launch new programs, share victories, and forge lasting connections with others who have decided to take their entrepreneurial journey with Kajabi - all of what we do makes all of that possible.

Monthly Events

Weekly helping hours that we rotate to accommodate our global community, 48-hour challenges to dig in and get a project DONE together, pop-up sessions, teaching sessions, and other features give you a place where you can truly forge lasting connections with people as excited about what you're doing as you are.

Facebook Community

Our Facebook group is most definitely where all the action is. I am personally involved and active a few hours each day. We also do pop-up calls when I see there is a need ... like when Kajabi sends us new features to play with!

Membership Privileges

Vacationing Life is a lifestyle brand with a magazine, podcast, and documentary - all designed to showcase the stories of Team pbk members who are creating lives they don't need to escape by participating in knowledge commerce. To say there are BIG plans for Vacationing Life - let's just say I won't rest until the magazine is in every airport worldwide!


All of this content is included as part of the Team pbk library. Team pbk is a unique blend of content you won't find anywhere else. Like you, I have special skills that finally have a home with Kajabi.

Training Wheels

Looking for the Kajabi manual? It's right here. In depth step-by-step guided instructions that take you from purchasing Kajabi through expert level maneuvers. Consistently updated with each new release and the checklists, worksheets, videos, and most of all you can ask me questions whenever you have them.

pbk Membership Design

While the business model of a membership community is buzzing - it's truly about people. When it comes to what you are creating, pbk Membership guides you through the design in a unique way that is really enjoyable and produces the solid community you want.

KAJABI + Holiday Offers

With the growing expansion and understanding of knowledge commerce, knowing how to set up your Kajabi site to provide promotions is key: buy one, gift one; buying a gift for someone else; coupons; and gift cards. And knowing how to make sure you've paid attention to the legal impact points of doing those promotions - well, that's all inside Kajabi + Holiday Offers.

Pipeline Power

Pipelines are pure genius and Kajabi knocked the ball out of the park with how easy they've made this for us! And now with webinars, live events, and who knows what else Kajabi is making ... the ease of Pipeline Power is the step 1, 2, 3, 4, ... layout that eliminates the guess work as you add in the content and strategically use your pipelines.


Helping you choose the theme that is best for your site, product, or landing page and then giving you the step-by-step instructions (and some untraditional uses for sections) on customizing and strategically using your theme to work for you.

Kajabi + Mind Mapping

There's nothing quite like dumping the contents of your brain out into a mind map and then creating a map (massive action plan) from the results. I teach and talk in mind maps and enjoy nothing better than showing Kajabians how to take one mind map from idea to income. 

One price. One Community. Full Access.

When you become a part of Team pbk, you have full membership benefits immediately! You'll be able to access any content you need right away.

PB&J Gourmet

If peanut butter grosses you out - just hang with me for a moment. PB&J is a way that during one webinar in 45 minutes I had people creating their entire courses when they'd been blocked for months (and some even years). So the PB&J line was created. Gourmet is every single step you need when creating content to share with the world, and it also shows you how to take one product and with minimal effort and maximum impact - create 4 pricing levels.

PB&J Life Design

There's so much advice when it comes to building your business but how deeply have you thought and planned out the life you want to live each day. I've termed this idea of life design, Vacationing Life, and it's a key point that we talk about all the time in Team pbk - if you aren't excited about what you're building, then stop because there's no point in building/creating/making anything that isn't aligned with the life you want to live!

pbk Petal Planning

Sixteen weeks of scheduled downtime each year - yes, I have that in my life all due to a system I stumbled upon at a conference for creatives. When handed a piece of poster board to plan out my year, I drew a flower with 12 petals instead of a standard grid - that simple moment of inspiration changed everything for me. Life is cyclical and it's not always in 90 days ... sometimes it's in patterns that only make sense to you - we plan a lot in pbk but we do so in untraditional ways.

Kajabi + Acuity Scheduling

The tools you use in your business matter. And with all the talk about removing 1:1 work from your business - I have a solid business because the growing business owners are done with DIY and want personal, focused, and professional assistance. The smart strategy of Kajabi + Acuity + Zoom + Google Calendar adds days to my life (thank you automation) and dollars to the bottom line!

New Content

Each month I release a focused training on a tool that makes sense with Kajabi, a system or project management sequence, or a bizle™ topic. Maps (massive action plan) are my specialty and I consistently help you streamline, maximize, and most of all enjoy the journey towards your desired destination.


Only in Team pbk!

No one else can bring you bizlebox™ - the business (biz) and legal (le) strategy every business owner needs. Every business decision has a legal impact and in addition to my LOVE for all things Kajabi - my brain also is grounded in solid business skills, models, and knowing how the law impacts our online businesses.

Affiliate Marketing

Having others share your sales pages and your message is great! But bringing people into your business is not something to take lightly. What happens when your affiliate goes rogue? What happens when they lie? With a few easy preliminary precautions, you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Website Notices

Think of website notices as posting the playground rules when someone comes to visit your site. Unfortunately so many people copy-n-paste from someone else's site and that my friend is no different than walking up to a stranger on the street and asking to share their toothbrush - just don't do it.

Copyright Class

Imagine how powerful you'd feel knowing what content needs to be protected, what doesn't, when you need to be concerned, and when you need to simply move on and focus on what really matters. I see so many people going nuts over "copying" that honestly doesn't matter and then totally dropping the ball on the stuff that does matter. 

S4 Branding

How to brand like a lawyer is an ace up your sleeve in your business. Knowing when you need to trademark, when you don't, what you can, why there are 4 essential parts: silence, searching, securing, and sharing - and how doing them out of order can get you into trouble.

Trademark Class

If you need legal protection for the name, logo, tagline, color, sound (think your Macbook) - you want to make sure you know how the entire process works. With my branding classes at your fingertips, you can stop relying on Google and well-meaning (but largely very uninformed) friends in Facebook groups.

But I'm Unique

"Sorry, you can't have your trademark because you aren't unique." Lawyer that works for the United States Patent & Trademark Office. What do you do? You login, open up your library, and have the exact answers, guides, and ability to ask questions - you don't panic. You don't need to panic because you're in Team pbk.

Not another one like it

Team pbk is a special community of Kajabians who are excited and committed to what they are doing with their lives and businesses. With a blending of Kajabi tutorials and strategies, business models and strategies, and access to how the law impacts what you are already doing - there just isn't anything quite like it. And that's not even mentioning the best part - the people!


Want to meet me, ask some questions, before coming into the pbk community? Then I'd like to invite you to join me for a coffee chat. These happen most weeks and are limited to 8 people. We have fun and you can ask about anything.