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Complete Screen-by-screen Instructions

With additional ideas and bonus legal tips to help you protect yourself from the legal impact points when you are running promotional offers through your business.

Buy One, Gift One

The business model that put Tom's shoes and many others on the map and permanently into our hearts. 

Buying a Gift

Whether it's a grandmother who wants to buy music lessons, or a business who wants to purchase gifts in bulk - you can meet their needs.

Gift Cards

Help friends and loved ones find and give the perfect gift, even when they don't know exactly what product to choose.

Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO)

Create additional incentives with your own BOGO event and sweeten the deal when you can also add in a buy one, gift one feature. 

Sending Gifts

Do you have a physical product you'd like to send? Or perhaps you really want to develop a strong nurturing program for your customers - send a gift!


How to Create Your Holiday Offer

An additional training available if you want to really dive deep into creating not just your holiday offers but your gifting experiences throughout the year. 

How-to + Ideas + Legal = Win-Win

You're getting the full step-by-step and screen-by-screen instructions that are infused with ideas on how to create your gifting program - all nicely wrapped up with the legal know how to keep you out of hot water.

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