Concerned about the new EU email law?

Worry no more - I'm hosting a workshop all about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) where I'll walk you through what you need to know to prepare your business to be compliant with the new regulations.

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Have you been introduced to Ms. Licensing - the smart & rich cousin of affiliate marketing?

Online business owners are typically quite familiar with affiliate marketing - having others help them share their sales pages but I find that very few understand how to unlock the heavy benefits of understanding what licensing could do for their lives and bottom line.

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How to get my eyes and brain on what you're building.

Curious about how I help people take all their swirling ideas and transform them into solid business models that align and support their lifestyle? Well, I'd love to bring you inside at a total cost of $0.00 to you - yes, zero! 

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Goodbye to Forgotten Downloads

I get it! You stumble on yet another juicy and enticing freebie download, enter your (designated freebie) email because you know you don't want all the marketing emails that follow (see I get this!) and then you totally forget what you signed up to get. 

Well, I handle resources a bit differently (thanks to Kajabi) and instead have a way of providing free product experience. What this means for you is no more looking for that forgotten download and instead - you get any and all currently available resources set aside for you inside a password protected space. Everything is on-demand. Available when you decide.

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Full Access On-Demand

Each workshop I host, whiteboard session, flowcharts, checklists, ... you name it, it is all available in ONE place to access when and where you'd like. The topics rotate frequently and I stay on top of the current trends when it comes to business & legal, and Kajabi. 

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