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We've passed May 25th and yes, the earth is still spinning - 

My inbox is as full as yours with everyone and their mother sending me their exciting news about their new privacy policy ... if you're just now getting to the GDPR or you'd like to have someone explain it in easy, step-by-steps with a practical perspective, then the free workshop is for you. 

Hosted by Tamsen Horton, US Attorney

End the confusion about the GDPR for yourself:

  • As a collector of personal information, the GDPR impacts you. 
  • No need to stumble through searching when you can get immediate access to an attorney who can explain the GDPR to you in a way you won't forget. 
  • Don't wait to legally zip up the business you're working so hard to see succeed. 

Hosted by #kajabihero and attorney, Tamsen Horton.

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There's really no need to feel like you're being tossed around in the sea of confusion when it comes to how laws impact your business. I'm happy to show you how to navigate the laws that are triggered when you are sending email correspondence.

The on-demand access to the GDPR workshop is delivered via a product experience. You'll receive an email with login information when you request access.