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How incredible it is that we live in a day when we can take what we know and share it with others (outside of our normal 9-5).

Everything starts with one spark, one word, one ... always has and always will. Maybe we're spark instigators or better yet - sandwich makers - what we know for sure is that 1000 families equipped and empowered to share what they know with twenty people carries the math to create freedom and wealth legacies that impact our great-grandkids lives. 

Michelle's #1 pb&j best seller!

An inspirational must read for today's "info-preneur" or anyone looking for a way to get their knowledge out of their head and into the digital world. Speckled with delightful personal stories from both Tamsen and Chris, this book provides a great starting place for anyone wanting guidance on how to live their dreams and make money sharing what they already know!! Practical steps anyone can do complete with recommended digital tools. Genius!!

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Stuck in their box ...

This book will change so many lives! Tamsen and Chris are an inspiration, this book comes from their hearts and their desire for people to live independently and happy. ANYONE can share what they know and make money doing it and it really is as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I know so many smart women who have so much to offer but feel stuck in their box. Easy As PB&J would open so many doors for them! For myself, reading it was inspiring and I have so many ideas that will help me create a niche for myself as an attorney.

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You gave me what tens of thousands didn't ...

Watch Laura share how one little hour with pb&j completely changed the time she now has to spend with her family.


ONE book, a few hours, and a lifetime of possibilities ... are you ready?

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Must Read If You Want to Share Knowledge Online

Easy as PB&J is simply brilliant. It's a system that helps you get your ideas out of your head in an organized way and shows you how to share it with the world. If your a creative, idea person who wants to help others with you ideas but you don't know where to start or how to do it, this book is for you. It's not too technical or a boring instructional manual. It's real people and real stories. It's written with compassion and passion that shines through. Thank you Tamsen and Chris for changing my life and many others!

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Talking to an old friend who totally supports me ...

Whether you're itching to start a part-time hobby business, or ready to completely replace your 9-5 job with work you'll love, this book is an excellent read!

For me, someone who's already built my website and pushed my idea into the world, I found the book SO comforting—it was like talking to an old friend who totally supports me. Tamsen's analogies about the difference between what I call "going through the motions" or "doing what we're supposed to do" versus really going for it (and making every moment count!) are spot on. It's obvious that she and Chris cherish the time they spend with loved ones and know the tremendous return you get when you live with intention.

As a writer who works with headlines and supporting ideas *all of the time* I can totally get behind their PB&J template. Tamsen and Chris have laid out a solid framework and provided loads of examples and support to nudge you in the right direction. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in creating a course. Actually, I already have—to my mom.

I laughed out loud, felt my heart expand and really enjoyed the time I spent reading this book. Worth every minute ... or jelly bean. (You'll see.)

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Creating multiple streams of income

“Thank you for making the process easy to understand. Other systems require complicated software or hundreds of dollars. This is a system ANYONE can implement. The most important thing I want readers to know is that PB&J is a simple system to create and market tangible products creating multiple streams of income.

I wouldn’t change a thing and would recommend this system to tutors, educators, or anyone creating instructional video content. DIYers and how-to artisans would benefit from learning how to make PB&J products. The simplicity of the plan you provide to help me think through the steps to create my own PB&J is what I enjoyed the most.”

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How many lives change because of yours?

As parents, we have two little boys who will have vibrant lives of their own. And then one day our great-great grandchildren will too ... we continually reflect on the thought that as we grow ourselves, the trajectory of that impact is huge! It all starts with ONE.

This book is such an uplifting look at the possibility of developing an online entrepreneurial venture. Chris and Tamsen have demonstrated how you can take what you already know and turn it into additional income or primary income for your family. It's an opportunity to really look at doing what you love and making it the focus of your life.

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“Easy As PB&J is brilliant! It is a game changer as it opens up possibilities you never knew existed. I wouldn’t change a thing and would recommend it to everyone I know because it opens up possibilities and gets people thinking in a brand new way. It addresses the mindset necessary--as well as the tools--to share your gifts with the world.”

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I made my first sale!

“The most important thing you have to know about Easy As PB&J is it is simple, effective, and fun. Before using this system I was scattered and unfocused. The PB&J system helped me to focus on the customer experience and customer need when creating the product.

Using this system I’ve created mini-courses on how busy professionals can implement vision boarding, gratitude journaling, affirmations and scripting into their daily lives. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to take all these ideas bouncing around in my brain and make them into a product that could actually be sold to others if it had not been for PB&J.”

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Multimedia freebie is impressive

Tamsen and Chris Horton have written a book that reflects their real life adventure of creating products, programs, books, and I'm sure more, to fuel a life they designed ( and enjoy). Most importantly, they share their "why" which I found just as interesting as their PB&J process. Their multimedia freebie is impressive and you should use it as an extra learning tool AND as a great example of what is now possible in the world of online courses. Worth the read and exploration. ~ Maiya Rose

Being first, doing second ...

I'm grateful to the friend who pointed me towards Tamsen and Chris! This book is so full of inspiration and USEFUL gems! It's not all "how to". It's more about "being first, doing second" than other business books I've run across. I really appreciate how the book leads the reader gently through long-held resistance and into an actual do-able plan for fully implementing the ideas that have been rolling around in our heads for years! Thanks! ~ Peggy Shafer

See how much money you can make teaching what you know.

Tamsen and Chris make me want to see what video classes I can make. ~ Jann Martin


Are you wondering if maybe you have a pb&j story inside you? ... Spoiler alert - we know you do! 

So how about a quiet afternoon, you, and a book? Who knows - you might be unwrapping a whole new chapter of possibilities!

Alexa, order Easy As PB&J

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Now that I have the secret formula ...

I designed a course from SCRATCH! in under an hour.


It's not a secret formula - we want to share it with you!

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No experience, just a hope, and a dream ... 

Before learning about Tamsen’s PB&J Course Design system I had no experience, just a hope, and a dream. Being new to sharing what I love virtually was scary and was a huge leap. Tamsen was there every step of the way and made me excited to share what I believe is needed for the work at home woman of faith in today’s media driven world.

The way Tamsen taught me how to organize my ideas with a mind map gave me the clear steps I needed to take to set up an online course that was easy for my customers to follow. I learned everything from how to create a recommended tools list to breaking the content down into bite-size steps that my customers could actively follow and gain results.

My first course, The Art of Purposeful Prayer Journaling, launched in July 2016 and I quickly enrolled my first ten customers. I chose to create this as my first PB&J product after a thoughtful process of elimination that I learned from PB&J Course Design. First, I brainstormed ideas that excited me into three different mind maps:

 (1) a faith-based course,

(2) a homemaking course, and

(3) a sales course.

After really looking at what I myself needed before I felt ready to tackle another business venture, I realized that having a way to release insecurities and stress was in my own daily prayer journal. Creating The Art of Purposeful Prayer Journaling was exactly the product that I needed to make to help women continue on their path to giving themselves grace instead of trying to balance it all.

If there was ONE thing that I could leave you with it is that YOUR PB&J is important!

Once you learn how easy it is to make and then share it you’ll be jumping at the opportunity to make it again and again. Tamsen clearly loves what she does to help others. Her mom-to-mom and wife-to-wife appeal is what originally sold me. It’s genuinely who she is and her PB&J style. Her authenticity in wanting to help you harness and share your PB&J is real.

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Getting hubby to read this!

The most important thing to know about the PB&J system is that it’s simple. 

Before reading Easy As PB&J, I was thinking on too large a scale and thinking I had to squeeze ALL of my ideas into one or two mega products. After reading it and observing the process I saw how to break down a larger idea into smaller pieces. It was eye-opening to see how ONE slice of information at a time can be just as effective to getting your overall mission across to the people you’re trying to help. Like how Chris broke down starting as a “teacher” and going through the process to boil it down to Handraisers – helping kids build confidence for their presentations.

Easy As PB&J helped shift my vision to help me see that I can make very specific smaller courses within a larger structure of my main brand. I already have a 21-day workout program focused on transforming your mind in order to transform your body, as well as a new yoga-inspired workout coming out soon. This book helped me see that I can create programs to help people within even more specific areas: meditations on positive body image, how to go from knees to full position in a push-up and have that variety of courses live under one umbrella.

I will definitely use the PB&J Course Design system to create my next product because it helps me channel my creative mind and provides me the structure to get from idea to action!

I’m also getting my husband to read Easy As PB&J because I know he has a ton of PB&J ready to show the world!

Ease and success = my pb&j experience

Before using PB&J Course Design, making a digital product to sell took a really long time. Each time I wanted to create a product to share with my customers the entire experience was a massive experiment in patience that I felt I had to trudge through because I didn’t have a systematic way to efficiently organize my content and then turn it into a paid product.

After using the PB&J system, all I can say is IT WORKS and I will never create another course alone again! PB&J Course Design saves my time and sanity by giving me a step-by-step reusable system to create powerful, impactful online courses (or presentations, or books, or videos) that help educate and change the lives of my clients.

I’ve now used PB&J Course Design twice with Tamsen. We worked together to create two online courses both having multiple price points. After seeing hundreds of my VIP members embarrassed by the “look” of their YouTube® channel, something Tamsen herself struggled with, we created an online training course to help business owners create a YouTube® channel that they wanted to scream about (in the very best way!)

After the ease and success of my first PB&J experience, Tamsen and I worked together to revamp a training that I had offered both as a free and paid product. She helped me create four different price points for my Video P.A.S.S. (plan a system and a strategy). Knowing how important it is for me to help my customers create a Business Cinema™ experience for my customers, and not have them making videos all willy nilly – we truly collaborated on the solutions that would equip my customers with exactly what they need short- and long-term in their video journeys.  

When you have expertise in an area, it’s often difficult to recognize what others don’t know or what they might be struggling with. Having another person, specifically one as smart as Tamsen, to bounce my ideas off of and ask questions was worth its weight in gold! Collaborating with her helped me see how easily I could share my expertise, as easy as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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It might not even be today ...

But it might be tomorrow ...

Wait for it ...

I think the most important thing to know about Easy As PB&J is to keep an open mind. You may not be able to use these ideas RIGHT now in life but the information will stick with you until you have your own “AHA” moment and when you do you’ll have the knowledge at your fingertips. After reading Easy As PB&J, I was so inspired and wanted to jump up and DO something! I felt fully capable of accomplishing my own PB&J.  Agata Lefere, Pediatric Dentist |

Do it scared!

You can do it! Do it scared! Easy As PB&J is perfect for anybody that is looking to live a different life; a life of freedom. I LOVE how relatable it is. We all have a story and talent to share and Easy As PB&J shows you how to do it! Jenny Taylor, Entrepreneur |

What if?

Two words that gave us the internet, connected us on social platforms, cars to drive, foods to try, places to visit, ... our entire world exists because ONE person at SOME point in time answered their "What if?" 

Easy As PB&J, the book team pb&J