Mom, dad, cook, cleaner, taxi-driver, business owner, employee, friend, aunt, uncle, ... 

I so get it.

Each of my hats - wife, mom, friend, taxi-driver, cook, attorney, referee (two little boys), business owner, creative, ... brings me so much joy and yet there's the constant pull as I blend the roles together so I can live a life I don't need to escape from.

Since you're here, you should know that I have a talent for taking the complex and simplifying it down into maps (massive action plans) that make lives easier.


Life is short and we are so fortunate to live during a time when parents can choose how they align their careers & businesses with their families. 

As an attorney, I never dreamt that I'd be able to share my knowledge in such a way that also allowed me to catch all the first steps, school events, giggles, and even the tears and skinned knees.


If I were to peek inside your brain, what would I find? 

What do you know better than anyone else? What things in life have made you the person that you are? What makes you smile and excited to tackle the day?

I used to only follow the maps - go to college, get a great job, get married, start a family ... I followed the map playing by the rules.

But then I realized that playing by the rules was taking me to a place I didn't want to be. I needed a new map that would take me where I wanted to go: having time, financial, and personal freedom. 

And then I saw that my ability to create solutions, to listen to where others' wanted to go and make them a map, was changing their life too. So I make maps and I love it!


Each day I have the pleasure of helping others use the maps I enjoy making. Team pbk is a space to connect, create, share, practice, ask questions, dig deeper, solve problems, learn new skills, test out ideas, play with new tech toys, launch new programs, share victories, and forge lasting connections with others who have decided to take their entrepreneurial journey with Kajabi. They are days I love and am so thankful I get to be a part of such an incredible community changing the world - one life, one program, one website at a time.



It's no secret that I LOVE what Kajabi has allowed me to do with my life and business. In the last two years alone, I figure I've saved roughly $20,000 in all the tools I cancelled, since Kajabi does it all, and added 130 full 24-hour days to my free time since I no longer fight with WordPress and all its silly plugins.

I'd like to meet you.

How about over a cup of coffee?

I don't know about you but what I truly enjoy is making time to connect with people I want to know better. Whether it's my friends or family - time to ask questions, share solutions, and listen to stories - that's what I want a life full of.

I know we've just met but I'd like to meet you. Each week I set aside time to sit and answer questions, brainstorm ideas and solutions. The agenda is to give you 45 minutes to ask me anything. That's it.


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