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You're invited to bizle™ Live!

  • No more waiting for a recorded webinar to start, not another pdf download that ends up forgotten, and no webinars with clever teasing techniques to get you to stay on until the end.
  • This is an experience, where you can come in, sit down, relax, and access understandable, actionable, and accessible information about how business and legal really can be great friends in your business.
  • Running March 13 - May 15, 2017, in addition to a weekly live video call on Mondays at 3 PM EST/Noon PST/8PM London, you have immediate access to the bizle™ Live! course (right behind the purchase button on this page)
  • Covering topics that matter to you and strengthening the friendship of business and legal in your own business:
    • Naming and how to get it right;
    • How to make it harder for someone else to steal your great idea babies;
    • Systems that decrease the amount of legal you need;
    • How to keep the friendship between business & legal strong and avoid miscommunications!
    • Copyrights, content, images, guest blogging;
    • Web sites and why you really need the legal notices you see on other sites;
    • What's really important, what's down right wrong, and what you might not need right now ...
  • Each week, we'll start with a new focus and during the week we can talk about whatever you'd like in our bizle™ community.
  • I know how much goes into starting, running, and growing a business ... I also know how to make some very large and scary pieces of that - much easier and far more fun for you.
  • R.S.V.P. below (by clicking purchase) and start eavesdropping on the coffee chats our good friends business and legal are already having ... 


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