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Building a business around a name requires careful attention to every minute, dollar, and decision.

Learn how to approach branding with legal considerations in mind to ensure that your brand is legally sound and properly protected. Using the quietly revolutionary approach of S4 Branding: How to Brand Like a Lawyer, you can gain confidence in taking your brand identifier out into the worldwide marketplace, knowing you've secured the legal protections you need to grow your desired business.


S4 Branding: How to Brand Like a Lawyer

Silence: How to behave like Steve Jobs, Oprah, or Richard Branson when you are overcome with excitement about a new idea but not willing to take the risk of it being stolen out from underneath you.

Search: Experienced guidance on how to handle modern-day searches effectively, including practical, social, and official searches. By doing so, you can make a strategic and smart business decision with the brand identifier.

Secure: How to decide whether official legal protections are necessary for what you have chosen as your brand identifier.

Share: Now it’s time to unleash your genius upon the world! With your brand identifier on solid ground, you're less likely to have the rug pulled out from underneath you.

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