"Groups have a collective intelligence that is mostly independent of the intelligence of the individual participants. This group problem-solving ability, which is greater than our individual abilities, emerges from the connections between individuals."

Alex Pentland
Social Physics

2017 has been a great one.

You officially reached Hero status, did the subsequent victory dance, and shared your knowledge in ways you never thought possible. #win

So...What’s in store for 2018?

You know you’ve only scratched the surface with what you can do with Kajabi. You know you’ve got it in you to double, or even triple what you’ve created already… and you’ve got that next piece of Kajabi gear on your vision board.

You can definitely make it happen on your own. We have no doubt about that.

But... what if you didn't have to?

What if you could spend 2 days with an intimate group, led by 2 huge-hearted Kajabi ninjas, in a gorgeous setting (complete with a donut wall), and walk away with the full map (including tasks + due dates) of how to get where you want to go with Kajabi this year?

And what if after those 2 days, you had a supportive team checking in with you each week to keep you organized + on track with your plans?

(yeahhh, we’re starting to feel a little like Oprah. #yougetacar)

If Knowledge Commerce has a seat at your 2018 table, let’s start you off with a structure that will carry you through the entire year. And have an amazing time doing it.



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This event is hosted by Shalon Ironroad and Tamsen Horton and is not affiliated or endorsed by Kajabi. 


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