Welcome to KAMP

A "summer-camp" experience for all Kajabians and those kurious to learn more about Kajabi.

As a kid, camp had it all - friends, fun, activities, learning, and memories that lasted a lifetime. Kamp is our grown-up Kajabi "camp"


Meet other serious business owners who are as excited about Kajabi as you are. Make new friends and forge new collaborations with those who also speak Kajabi.


Jump in and take advantage of weekly activities to try out a new Kajabi skill or clean-up one you are already using.


Each week you'll learn about business, legal, and Kajabi with trainings that coincide with PBK's Alexa Flash Briefings.

KAMP is all about Kajabi!

and anything Kajabi is by definition FUN! 

Fun Stuff for Kampers

As a KAMPer, you have access to all kinds of insider information: special live calls, whiteboard sessions, reviews of products, sites, and pipelines. PBK, the Preneur Business Klub is the proud host and sponsor of KAMP. As an extension of PBK, we want to make sure you have the best resources, trainings, and information to help you simplify to amplify.

What is PBK?

PBK stands for the Preneur Business Klub and is exclusively for Kajabians. An insiders' klub where you bring your business and we take care of the rest. When you're here, you'll have members' only access to help you simplify your learning and doing so you can focus on amplifying your message, results, and freedoms: time and financial. PBK is proud to host Kamp for all the serious business owners who have Kajabi or are kurious about it.

Who is Tamsen?

I'm the host of PBK and kreator of Kamp. As a Kajabi Hero, Kajabi Ambassador, and Diamond Partner (Yes I have a Kajabi kar!) I've lived first-hand how life-changing Kajabi is and simply want to provide an experience for you to do the same.


Let's go to KAMP!