Are you kurious about how PBK and I can help you? 

If you are, then take a look at the calendar below and see if there's a time that works for a quick chat. 


Do you know your NP2NYC?

IF you're not yet familiar with NP2NYC, then let me introduce you.

NP2NYC™ is the terminology that I use for the framework or structure for every single sales funnel or pipeline process that you'll make in your business.

Here's the video that explains the NP2NYC™ -

North Pole = represents cold traffic, visitors to your site or landing pages, people that do not know you. These are the read magnets for your business.

Lead Magnet = represents when a visitor provides you their personal information (name + email) and becomes a subscriber. Lead Magnets can be a variety of items: quizzes, videos, free courses, webinars, zoom live calls, workshops, checklists, templates, etc. The ideal lead magnet is an experience or type of content that your audience finds appealing enough to provide their personal information.

Intro Product = a lower cost or lower commitment sale that converts your subscriber into a buyer. I also call this a lily pad product as it helps your subscriber "jump" to your core offer, your NYC offer.

NYC (New York City) = represents your core offer, what you want to sell. NYC typically evokes thoughts of money, great food, amazing experiences, and never sleeping.

NP2NYC is the backbone of your business because without a clear "spine" it is impossible to have the "body" of your business do anything. Whenever I chat with anyone, I'll always work at identifying your NP2NYC so we can quickly get on the same page. 


Do you have any other times?

I update my schedule as often as possible and my availability is what you see.

I'm not sure if I should reserve time or not?

If you've been hanging around me for a while and are curious about how PBK works and how I work with PBKers, then I invite you to reserve a time to chat. 

You can also attend one of the monthly Virtual Meet-ups for Kajabians that PBK hosts. 

I'm not totally sure what kind of help I need.

I totally get that.

After helping thousands of Kajabians since spring of 2016 - sometimes it's hard to know what you need. 

One of my professional talents + gifts is identifying the main issues very quickly. Simplifying is my superpower and it helps me cut to the chase about the type and kind of help Kajabians need. 

You can also go through my free video series specific to Kajabi. 

There are different levels of clients that I have:

  • Limousine: they know what they want but they do not want to do any of the work themselves. They are present but after telling me the destination, I am the one that deploys the strategy and tells them the best route for us to take.
  • Uber: these clients know where they want to go but simply don't have the time to learn what they need to know. They want to dial in the destination this time and once they have more time, then they truly want to learn how to drive Kajabi themselves.
  • Drivers' Education: these clients want to learn how to drive Kajabi themselves and have the time to invest to learning. I am the best drivers' education teacher and with myself and PBK (the Preneur Business Klub) they learn how to drive and aren't dependent on anyone else to get them where they want to go. They still have the option of hopping into an Uber or  a limo when they need it.
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