What is the ONE thing you need to do in Kajabi today?

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Where do I start with Kajabi?

If you haven't yet seen the North Pole to New York City Method (NP2NYC™ Method) then start there. I promise worth all 20 minutes of your time. Every single piece of Kajabi falls into the tight container that is NP2NYC™. 

I read a combination of books about four years ago in anticipation of becoming the mom of two - Essentialism and The ONE Thing. 

If you haven't yet read the book, the ONE Thing by Gary Keller, I can't recommend it more highly. It is one of the core books of my life and for the simple fact that it brings our attention to what is the one thing if we did it, it would minimize or eliminate everything else.

This concept is so important when we are building our business in Kajabi, we're not building a hobby or trying to recreate a job. We are makers, we're creators, we are building a business in Kajabi.

So let me ask you, what is the one thing that you need to finish or focus on in Kajabi that will minimize or eliminate the rest of the to-do list?

Is it?

  • Make your website
  • Write your blog
  • Make a product
  • Build your membership
  • _____________ ???

I don't have a website, should I do that first?

Do you need to tackle your website? If you don't have a website, do you have to have a whole site or would a simple standalone page with a form?

With Kajabi and the different Homepage settings - a standalone page + form can be done in as little as 30 minutes while a whole website could be a month or more. You don't want to neglect your list building tasks, so could a quick standalone page be the ONE thing that gets your website up (even if temporarily) so you can focus on bringing in money.

If the standalone page + form eliminates the need to spend a month building your site, then it might be the ONE thing for you right now.

How do I start making money fast in Kajabi?

Do you need income like three months ago?

If that is the case, then you need to have an offer checkout page up and done like now!

You can get your hands on the offer checkout checklist and just by following these simple steps - have an offer ready for people to buy within an hour.

When money coming in the door is the priority, then that might be the ONE thing for you right now. If that is the case, how can you keep this simple?

  • ONE payment option
  • ONE product or service
  • This is NOT the time to provide multiple options.

How do I figure out what product to make?

Ok, so maybe you need to make money, or maybe you just need to make a product. Well, here I'm going to tell you to start in the North Pole and get yourself to New York City.

I'm serious. The NP2NYC™ Method is the quick and solid method to strategically know exactly how to move cold traffic (North Pole) to paying customers (New York City. So if I don't know what I want to sell, then I might start with North Pole two in New York City, you can get all the show notes and the checklist.

And let me give you some of the best advice that it took me years to totally get - marry ONE person at a time! Except for swap out person for product and marry for build. Do not try to do multiple products/projects at the same time UNLESS you have a well-oiled team and have been doing your business for some time. 

Do I have to finish my product before selling it?

Absolutely not. The beauty of Kajabi, you make the page with the sales information (use the Landing Page checklist) on it and link to the offer checkout page and then promote.

How do I sell my product?

You have to promote it! One of the biggest mistakes I see every single day, and I've made it myself, is getting focused on building that we neglect telling people what we are doing. 

80/20 rule when it comes to building your product - do not spend 100% of your time building in Kajabi. You have to intentionally spend at least 20% of your time talking to the world (those people in the North Pole for you!) about what you are doing. 

For example: If your workday has two hours of time in it, then you have to say, okay, for 15 minutes, choose your own metric, but you have to give it some time. I'm gonna pick 15 minutes out of this two hour period where I am going to publicly be visible and talk about what it is that I want people to buy.

What is your ONE thing for today?

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