New Kajabi: Is it really that good?

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Short answer. Yes.

But you need objective reasons so you can reach your own conclusion and make the best decision for you and your family. 

Let's start with: Why are you researching New Kajabi?

If I had to guess - you're researching New Kajabi because you've decided that you want to run a portion or all of your business online. Very smart decision indeed! As part of a billion dollar industry, no matter what your current industry is, you're making a smart choice to investigate having part or all of your income-generating aspects of life online.

I made a workbook that you can use and easily record your answers as you do your research. The workbook can be saved to your computer, downloaded, and printed - have fun! It's also embedded at the bottom of this page.

Here's the link to a FAQ sheet about New Kajabi that also includes links to my own personal worksheets that I use when researching and comparing different purchases.

So, specifically, what are the goals you want to achieve with an online business?

Before you decide to run a portion or all of your business online, you must know what your goals are. WHY do you want to use a tool like New Kajabi?

Yes, there are many slick four-part video series telling you how you can become a multi-millionaire overnight simply doing what you love. You can and it is simple but it is not easy. Even with New Kajabi (what I personally use to run our entire business), I spend roughly ten hours each week developing our content and engaging with our customers. I love what I do and it's incredibly easy to take an idea add it into New Kajabi and distribute it but the action steps of doing that do not happen while I am sleeping.

Let Walt Disney help you design your goals.

Contrast Walt Disney's view with Kelvin Baily. Kelvin was the corporate pilot for Walt Disney Productions and remembers standing with Walt Disney surveying the forty-seven square miles of swampland Walt was thinking about buying. What in the world were they doing in the middle of mosquito-rich, alligator homeland, good-for-nothing Florida? Walt knew. He could see, what Kelvin couldn't, Main Street here, Frontier Land to the left, Tomorrow Land to the right. In Walt's mind, he had it all mapped out. He knew what he wanted to build and so he could evaluate the land far differently than the pilot.

We all have a Disney World in our minds, what is yours? 

You do. I do. We all do. We all have dreams and ideas that if money and time were no objects we would put into play.

Now is your turn to take some time. It might take you thirty minutes or you might need a week or even a month but map out what you want in your business. Recently Chris and I released our book, Easy As PB&J, where we share some of the stories that make up our dream world - or ideal day as we like to call it. Whether you're a veteran in the online business or simply curious, Easy As PB&J is about a three-hour read and has received glowing feedback from readers. 

Draw yourself a picture of what YOUR Disney World looks like.

Once you know what you want in life and business (they are both sides of the coin of your life) you need an action plan, a map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

I recommend using mind mapping. ( is my favorite go-to resource.)

If you've never seen what a mind map can do you are in for a treat. A mind map allows you to draw out your ideas and see how they each impact one another in different ways. How all your ideas for your life and business can be connected and ultimately hold in your hands the map you need for your Disney World. You'll hear me say it frequently - Easy As PB&J goes through all of this. It's why we wrote the book because we desperately wanted to hand deliver an accessible, understandable, and totally affordable option for anyone swimming in the online business world.

On the business front, since we are trying to figure out if New Kajabi is really that good, here are questions to think through and include your answers on your mind map.

Why do you want to create an online experience for your customers?

In most cases, the online experience will be some form of a learning experience (aka courses) but this billion dollar market is changing and people are growing weary of the whole webinar, four-part video series, signature course (one costing $$$$$). So you need to know your WHY. No my why. Not Jeff Walker or Marie Forleo or Amy Porterfield - your WHY. (These questions are provided in the workbook.)

  • Do you want to run one course on its own URL?
  • Do you want to run multiple courses on your brand's URL?
  • Do you want multiple streams of income or one?
  • Do you want a course that complements an aspect of your physical business?
  • Do you want to provide a monthly membership aspect?
  • Do you want to repurpose your content in multiple ways?
  • Do you want to quit your job and run online learning full-time?
  • Do you want to add income to what you're doing but keep doing what you're doing?

What are you already using?

Now if you're just starting to learn about the world of online learning, you likely aren't using anything and that is a beautiful place to be! You won't have to contemplate moving anything and can simply move into New Kajabi and never know all the tech migraines you've avoided. Speaking from my past five years of experiences - I wish I had been able to start my business with an amazing team and tool like New Kajabi. 

But if you're already in the online learning space, then you are currently using tools. I was five years in and had a whole suite of tools that I was using to piece together a digital learning experience and none of them were the cheap versions of anything!

  • Where is your site hosted?
  • What email marketing system are you using?
  • What plugins are you using?
  • What are you using for your landing pages?

Pull out your master tool list (tax time always helps with this - you can see exactly what you're spending your money on!) because you're going to need that as you compare and contrast what you have with New Kajabi.)

But wait ... you still haven't told me anything about New Kajabi yet!

Nope. I haven't. That's because there's no point in telling you how great it is for me when ultimately you need to know if it's good for you and you can't figure that out until you have your information to work with.

Let me give you a quick backstory on who I am and why I'll be keeping my business on New Kajabi.

I'm a mom, wife, business owner, and attorney with an advanced degree in taxation who five years ago decided to forgo a traditional legal career so that I could squeeze every minute of my little boys' lives instead of arguing with corporate idiots over a fancy board room table. I'm married to a sixth-grade social studies teacher, Chris. So we're an ideal blend of online business, offline business, traditional, and non-traditional all wrapped into one fun little family.

My whole income comes from being online. Chris's is part online, part teaching gig.

You need to know who we are and why I say New Kajabi is great because who we are and what we want out of life is why I will always share about how New Kajabi has changed our lives.

Reason 1: Not limited to a single "signature" course anymore!

A "signature" course is typically known as a single, mega-huge digital product that is likely thousands of dollars. It is what you are known for and it lives on its own URL. For example,

With New Kajabi, if you want to have one signature course you most definitely can and you will have an amazing time creating it without the need to hire a support staff to help you. You will actually have fun simply being able to input your content.

But let's say within that signature course, you have ten areas of main content. What if you could with a click of a box also sell those ten pieces of main content separately for a far lower price point? What if you could sell two medium bundles of that content, say five and five? What if you could take those ten pieces and create a monthly (recurring!!!) income stream?

That is the beauty of New Kajabi and why it's so great! You can have your cake (signature course) and eat it too (selling any combination of that signature course and creating multiple income streams to appeal to a much wider aspect of your ideal paying customers).

Reason 2: No more self-hosting

What??? There's no way I'm giving up the control of my content!

Ok, don't.

I spent five years saying the same thing and for good reasons, I didn't trust the terms and conditions much less the people who were creating platforms to help me host my content. Now, if I can come around to the idea and embrace it then keep reading because you might just see the light like I did. As a lawyer, I naturally don't trust platforms and was a huge advocate of self-hosting with for many, many years. I read more terms and conditions of other platforms and was never comfortable giving up my hosting with BlueHost and my site (but I also spent 80% of my time dealing with tech malfunctions that are just part of the game when you're playing with WordPress!)

And then I watched, listened, and researched New Kajabi and the businesses and people behind it. Armed with my skeptic's glasses and using Chris as my backup opinion (he wasn't at all involved in the online world before we purchased New Kajabi) and I had already purchased well over $50,000 in tools that were going to make my life wonderful - none did!

Here are some of my conclusions for why I stopped self-hosting and chose New Kajabi. 

If my little old WordPress site goes down it's all on me to fix it and deal with it. However, with New Kajabi, if the worst ever happens then guess what my little site is going down with Brendon Burchard, Chalene Johnson, James Wedmore, Grant Cardone, and over ten thousand others ... I'm fairly certain that I won't have to do anything because all the "stuff" that runs my little site also runs Brendon and Chalene's and they're going to be all over everyone involved to fix it ASAP! I'm more than ok with that!

I've read the terms and conditions and am totally ok with it.

Reason 3: I trust Kajabi.

How many times have you seen this sequence of communication from an online business?

  • "The cart is closing. You only have one more hour and then this amazing offer will be gone forever!!"
  • "Oh, wait just kidding - there was such a huge interest that I'm going to keep it open for 24 more hours."
  • "OK, now the cart is really closing."
  • "I mean it buy now this is your last chance."

Every time I see this play out my mama-brain kicks in and it drives me nuts! Seriously, if I pulled this on my kids: -goggles go on and if I acted like this as a parent - well let's just say my boys wouldn't be pleasant children to be around. Mom said stop. Period. The end.

"I'm serious this is the last time I'm going to say this."

"Ok, now I'm really serious."

"Ok, now I'm for real serious!" 

Well, let's just say that my boys would be less than pleasant to be around and my life as a mom would be significantly harder because they wouldn't take me seriously. They know they can't trust what I say because my actions don't match my words. 

Kajabi's actions match their words not just the words on a sales page or during a launch but all the time. When they opened their beta doors in November 2015 they said, "We'd love to have you join as a founding member. When we close the doors, we aren't opening them back again until much later and we don't know when that will be."

And you know what happened? They closed the doors and didn't open them again until March 2016. No one got in. There were even some founding members that left and then wanted back in. Kajabi politely told them, we'll let you know when we open the doors again.

What??? An online business that wasn't going to manipulate my purchases based on sales copy, psychology, and the latest sales funnel strategies - I was hooked! 

When Kajabi says they're going to do something - they do it. They take care of their employees. They take care of their customers. It's a rare trait in business (and in life) to really trust someone. There are other reasons I trust Kajabi and all are based on the fact that they believe in me, in what I am trying to do for the freedom and wealth legacies of my family, and I can't imagine aligning my life and business with any other company.

Reason 4: No more digital duct tape.

For the complete rundown of all the pieces you're going to need to operate an online business, please feel free to click here and access one of the chapters that we included in Easy As PB&J.

If you enjoy building your car from the garage floor and want to choose each piece, install it, modify it, and then drive then New Kajabi is still the right platform for you. You can do all that customizing in the code all day every day if you want.

But for me, and thousands of other people, building from the garage floor is a living nightmare! I want to share what I know and make money doing it with as few hours behind my computer screen as possible! I want to be at the beach, not spending the better part of a week trying to make the latest and greatest email marketing system play nicely with my content delivery system - no thank you!

With New Kajabi, all the pieces that I need are in one place. They are beautiful. They work. They play nicely with each other and I haven't had a tech issue since I moved onto the platform.

Reason 5: Can't outgrow it.

As the mother of two little boys, we outgrow clothes, shoes, toys, and car seats all the time. I not only understand the concept of outgrowing, I live it on a daily basis! Now I could buy shoes five sizes too big so they wouldn't outgrow them as quickly but then they couldn't run and play right now because their shoes would be too big and clunky.

The beauty of New Kajabi is that no matter where you are it fits.

  • Maybe you've never made a digital product. It fits you right where you are. You can get started and achieve success in a matter of days.
  • Maybe you've been running a multi-million dollar business for years. It fits you too. Just ask Brendon or Chalene!

When I was learning about what New Kajabi was going to be able to do, Kajabi had released a series of videos with Kenny teaching new employees how it was designed. They've taken those videos down but it was in those videos where I could see the simple genius of the minds that designed and built Kajabi. As seamless as Apple is - that is what Kajabi delivers in its product.

I can't outgrow this thing! I can try every single day and guess what I won't outgrow it.

How do I know this? Well, I'm a few steps behind Brendon Burchard and Chalene Johnson and they haven't outgrown it.

Reason 6: Works out of the box.

New Kajabi is the first tool I've used that was easier than they advertised it to be. It just works and we're even teaching Kip (he's five) how to use it.

Reason 7: No need to hire virtual assistants or designers.

If you have a team of people supporting you great! You're going to get a whole lot more for your investment when they can invest time spent on fixing and hooking stuff up and instead help you maximize new ways to build relationships and connect with your audience - because that's where the magic happens!

If you don't have a team, you don't need one. Especially, if you decide to purchase New Kajabi and would like to use our affiliate discount coupon, you'll have access full access to us and all the resources that we've created not just for New Kajabi but also for easy course creation. 

I'm all for outsourcing when you need to but I also know that far too many online business owners are outsourcing to people they didn't properly research and as a result end up in very expensive, stressful, and sometimes needing to take legal action. Why not minimize the need to hire? You can use that money and time to invest in other areas besides trying to figure out WordPress and plugins or another system that needs these tools to make it work ... no thank you!

Reason 8: Add your #feature requests anytime

Kajabi listens to its users and you can submit a #featurerequest at any time but what I seriously LOVE about them is they listen without reacting. They are similar to the wise parent who knows that what we think we might want, simply isn't what is right for us to have because they can see the bigger picture. 

I want to build my freedom and wealth legacy with a company that listens but doesn't react to the whims of at times some seriously crazy users! They know what they're building and are doing so with an integrity and solidness that I have not seen any where else in the online business world. 

Reason 9: Sky is the limit with Zapier

Wow! You're still here - awesome! 

Ok, so maybe you want to do some seriously cool trick with your online learning experience - well, then use the Kajabi integration with Zapier. It's super easy and seriously I'd be shocked if you couldn't find exactly what you wanted. 

Reason 10: Time

At the end of the day, where do you want to be?

I want to be at the beach with my boys playing and making memories. I don't want to research all the different options available to me. I don't want to create spreadsheets of feature comparisons. I don't want to hire people to hook it all up, communicate with them, and then monitor work progress.

  • I want an affordable solution.
  • I want an easy to use solution.
  • I want to know that the company believes in me as much as I do.
  • I want to create an experience for my treasured customers.
  • I want as little time as possible behind a computer.
  • New Kajabi was the first tool that I knew could handle the empire plans Chris and I have been planning for years.

You can read my story about why time is so incredibly important to me and why I fiercely protect it in Easy As PB&J. Time is the one thing that I can't get back and you can't either.

Still, have objections?

"Of course, you love Kajabi, you're an affiliate."

Yes, I am an affiliate. I was one when there wasn't a public affiliate program and my affiliate commission was 30%.

Recently Kajabi gave me the option to give you a 15% discount coupon and lose 15% of my affiliate commission and I couldn't have been happier. Ultimately I want for you and your family what I have for mine - an online platform that my five-year-old understands and is already learning how to use, freedom, and the ability to build whatever wealth legacy you want and I know that New Kajabi provides that.

"Well, what about ..."

Go ahead and list out all the other options you think you want and also see if I've answered them on this page.

Spend all the time you want comparing functions. Actually, don't spend all the time you want because that is a time you can't get back. Give yourself one week to decide. Write out what you think you want and find the person who loves that choice more than any other - talk to them.

One task I gave Chris when we were writing Easy As PB&J was to do a comparison of other options with New Kajabi and after five minutes we looked at each other and stopped the list. We knew our friends would read this book and there was no way we were going to recommend anything to them besides New Kajabi so we stopped giving up our time to create a list that we didn't believe in.

One week. Compare and contrast all you want. And then decide. Stick with your decision and get going.

"It's so expensive."

Seriously it's one of the most affordable options out there.

Let's take the basic monthly plan when you apply the 15% discount code you're at $109.65 USD/month. Using the list in Easy As PB&J (you can also click here to read that chapter) write down the prices for each tool you need and see what your monthly expenses are. Also, make sure to figure in your time because you will be spending far more time not using New Kajabi.

I've tried to make a list using the tools I had previously had and the closest I got was $150/month. If you do create a list that is less than $109.65/month please feel free to email it to me [email protected] and if it's a realistic list I am more than glad to link to it from this article. I want people to compare apples::apples.

"I just don't want all my content in one place."

That's a valid concern but one that I now know is unfounded when you're using Kajabi. When my site goes down (if it ever does - again worst-case scenario!) I basically want the best of the best to swoop in and help me clean everything up - without having to lift a finger or spend any money. 

As a lawyer and for the first time ever I am 1000% comfortable having my business right alongside Brendon Burchard.

"I don't want to use SaaS."

If you know what SaaS is then you're miles ahead of where I was when I started in this fun little online learning world!

  • What are your specific hesitations about SaaS?

If you're worried about outgrowing New Kajabi, then you're probably already running a business larger than Brendon Burchard and if you are, then you're not likely reading this because you've custom built your solutions and aren't going to be researching New Kajabi. Unless of course, you're friends with Brendon, Chalene, or James and they've perked your curiosity!

"I don't think New Kajabi can do what I want."

Ok, what specifically do you want to do that you actually know New Kajabi can't do?

Take that list and send them an email. They will gladly answer a specific question.

But before you send the email take a look at all the integrations you can achieve using so if you want certificates, awards, some crazy sequence, etc. you can do all of that with Zapier.

And unlike having to hook up a learning management system to WordPress and deal with plugins, you'll have the powerhouse of New Kajabi running your business and then able to easily use Zapier to accomplish the specific, uniquely you aspects that you'd like to offer to your customers.

Ahh ... there is my best attempt to help you do your research and get beneath the sales copy to what is really available to you with New Kajabi. Chris and I want for you what we have with New Kajabi: freedom, support, encouragement, solid distribution channels, ease of creation, and most of all knowing that what we're building will be here for our boys long term. 

We wish you the best of luck in your adventures! Please let us know if there's anyway that we can serve you!