Kajabi Products on the Basic Plan

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In this video, we are walking through discussing whether the three product limit on the Kajabi products on the basic plan is going to limit you in your business. Watch and learn how Kajabi products on the basic plan are often far more than you need because how a Kajabi product works is unlike you've seen before.

This video is part of PBK's special bi-annual pop-up group that we run in April and September each year exclusively for Kajabians who want personalized attention as they are working on their businesses using Kajabi. As you can see this is a personalized experience as I listen to their questions and then walk them through a variety of business, legal, and Kajabi guidance to help them find the solution ideally suited for them.

Step 1: What is your NP2NYC?

  • NP2NYC is a precise framework for clearly identifying and executing read magnets, lead magnets, intro offers, and main/core offers into a single, streamlined user experience to maximize sales conversions.
  • To build anything that can stand the test of time, you need a blueprint. NP2NYC is that blueprint tool for you. Quick and easy. Unforgettable and highly actionable.
  • What is your North Pole (read magnets, cold traffic)?
  • What is your Lead Magnet (optin)?
  • What is your Intro Offer (tripwire, lily pad)?
  • What is your NYC (core offer)?

Screenshot of laying out your NP2NYC. 

Step 2: Make a total brain dump of all the ideas you have on what you want to sell, could sell, etc. 

Step 3: How do you want to sell your Kajabi products?

  • The bookends that I use to illustrate this concept are:
  • One container of 100.
  • 100 containers of 1. 
  • The difference being I can sell one large container with many parts of individual pieces of content. A good example of this is a signature course or a membership site that has most or all of the content that members have access to in a single product. 
  • In Steve's example, he can sell many pieces of individual content and it might make sense to use his unlimited Kajabi offers and deliver the file types that are purchased outside of a Kajabi product container. 
    • He could also place all his content into a single container and sell access to the content through a recurring payment option like a membership. 

Screenshot of what Steve's NP2NYC could look like. 

Step 4: Is a Kajabi library essential for your customers?

  • Yes, it is essential = need to use a product so the content shows up in the library. 
  • Nice to Have = could use an alternate delivery choice if you're running out of products.
  • Meh = You likely have a 100 containers of 1 and using an alternate delivery choice is your best choice. 

Screenshot of how to clone the advanced product and then create intermediate and beginner. 

Screenshot of a possible layout of using landing pages to download a file and video v. placing in a product. 

Step 5: Now you move back and forth between Steps 1-4 until you have hashed out what is going to work for you right now. 

  • Where is your next $20,000 coming from?
  • Where is the next $100,000 coming from?
  • These questions help in the fleshing out the right NP2NYC for you right now as you work through how to best use your Kajabi products. 

❓ Questions ❓

Please ask anytime. I am happy to help with your unique facts and circumstances. 


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