Kajabi Offers Live Q&A on Most Popular Issues Surrounding the Offer Checkout Page

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Kajabi offers provide great flexibility and also frustration at times. Listen in on this live Q&A that discusses the most frequently asked issues surrounding Kajabi offers.

00:00 Welcome

1:04 Question from a PBK pop-up group member: "There always seems to be password problems for people who have purchased in the past and then purchase again. What do i need to know? what do they see? How can I avoid this problem when i open the cart?"

3:25 Using Funnelytics to map out the entire customer experience. The image and link to this template are available inside the PBK Free Kajabi Resource Library (see below).

6:13 Difference between being a member v. a subscriber and going through an offer checkout page.

13:49 New members + new checkout design turned on.

19:59 (Current offer checkout page) Existing member - needs to login.

22:44 What to do when your member doesn't click "subscribe me to your email list."

27:04 How to communicate with a member via a product announcement when they did not check the "subscribe me to your email list" box on the offer checkout page.

30:35 The "edit your avatar" video that I use is available inside the Free Kajabi Resource Library if you'd like to see what I include on my membership onboarding experience.

33:35 What to do when the number of people you were expecting to receive an email is less than expected.

35:48 (Currently) Kajabi does not limit how many people may purchase an offer.

38:54 Filtering based on qualities from the People tab.

44:39 Offer checkout for existing members. *If you have any custom code on your offer checkout page, you may or may not see what true Kajabi is without custom code.*

50:38 If a member goes into their avatar and checks all 3 boxes, then they are "subscribed" again.

54:12 Ideas for adding "instructions" to your offer checkout page.

1:03:00 Quizzes and how others are using them. I use Interact for my quizzes.

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