Kajabi Access

kajabi access

PBK and Kajabi Access



With the release of Kajabi's Access program, I've received questions about how PBK and Access compare and contrast - both are expertly designed to help you succeed and the type of help and support you need right now should determine which is best for you right now - and it might be both. 

You can learn all about PBK and experience our kontent, kammunity, and more (yes, we swap out a "c" for a "K" anytime we kan!) in our Free Resource Library and our monthly virtual meet-ups. 

PBK, Preneur Business Klub, has served Kajabiheros for five years and we've celebrated numerous wins, worked our ways through challenges together, and formed an incredible kammunity of kind-hearted, ambitious, and truly giving Kajabians. 




PBK Free Kajabi Resource Library