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How to Use Kajabi Community to Send Private Messages


Sending Private Messages via Kajabi Community

PBK uses Kajabi's Community (we call it PBKammunity) as a komplement to our current Facebook group and sending private messages is a great way for you as an admin to send private information to your members and also have a way for them to communicate directly with each other.

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How do I set up Kajabi Community?

There are a variety of ways you can set up Community within Kajabi and here is a done-for-you checklist to make the task easier and enjoyable. 

How do I send a private message with Kajabi's Community?

It's easy-peasy!

You simply hover over the member's avatar and a small pop-up box shows up with the option to send a message. 

If you've provided the instructions to your members on how to add their location and bio to their avatar, that will also show up. 



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