How to Clone a Kajabi Pipeline

kajabi pipelines

"How do I clone my pipeline?"

"Can I clone my pipeline?"

"I'd really like to clone this pipeline?"

I get it and am right there with you! 

Kajabi Pipelines

Historically a funnel was used to bring people who knew nothing about your business through an exact process, designed by you - the business owner, to get to know about you, like you, trust you, and then buy from you.

Kajabi changed the game when they added PIPELINES to the list of unparalleled tools available in the Kajabi app. 

With the click of a button you can create a solid and exact process to nurture the relationship with your soon-to-be buyers of your goods and services. 

Just take a look at the PIPELINES you have to choose from and the possibilities of each are outlined below. 

Let's take a quick peek at each of the Kajabi Pipelines: 

  • Traditionally used to deliver a standard one-dimensional .pdf file now you can do so much more!
  • Deliver a video, an audio, a free product strategy experience, a series of live whiteboard training, or anything else your mind can dream up!

  • What is OVO? Optin-Value-Offer
  • This pipeline builds on the freebie by providing an invitation via the offer to make a purchase. 
  • You can also add a sales page/offer to your freebie at any time, so you don't need to redo work if you decide to expand your freebie into a different function. 

  • Modeled after the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula, this experience easily creates the 3-part videos, email sequences, and the sales information for if you want to run a standard product launch formula ...
  • BUT ... 
  • This pipeline is also incredible for creating a series of videos for:
    • Explaining your coaching program and use it to onboard and bring people into your business.
    • Showing couples in distress how the divorce process works in your state when there are minor children involved.
    • Providing an introduction to your chiropractic practice on what to expect and how to make the most of the client's appointment. 
    • Onboarding your online membership site.
    • Onboarding for your newly minted licensing program. 

  • Are you a fellow zoom lover?
  • OMG - love that tool and use it so often throughout the week.
  • With this pipeline, you have the option to use zoom for your webinar and you can choose how you do that.
  • I still use the basic zoom package and don't use the zoom webinar feature because I prefer to have people with me during a webinar and able to ask questions from their video. 
  • You can also have a prerecorded webinar and set it to automatically play at the interval that you choose. 

  • "Free book, just pay shipping and handling."
  • You've likely seen this campaign before and most often by authors with large audiences.
  • But what if you're a fitness professional without a book but you have a resistance band? You can use this same pipeline to give away your resistance band just like an author would a book.
  • What if you're a direct seller who has samples of your favorite products? You can give away the samples just like an author would a book (provided you follow the rules of your company). 
  • What if you make the most amazing bath bombs? Yep you guessed it - you send that free bath bomb just like the author sends the book. 
  • The possibilities for this pipeline are endless and you can adapt without needing a book!

  • "Can Kajabi work for service professionals?"
  • Yes! 1000 times yes!
  • Now I would likely put another pipeline in front of this one because rarely do people land on the sales page and then just click buy.
  • And Kajabi works beautifully with online schedulers, especially Acuity, so clients can schedule discovery calls (I'd build those into the product launch pipeline above) and then their standing coaching or group calls once they purchase. 

Cloning a Pipeline

Once you've created your pipeline and it's converting then it's time to possibly duplicate and create an additional experience - that's where the video above steps in. 

If you'd like the checklist seen in the video, then click See Your Offers and I will bring you into the Preneur Business Klub Visitors' Lounge and you can download the checklist to help you clone your pipeline with ease.

Want to give Kajabi a try?

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