Creating a Navigation Bar in Kajabi

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In this video, we'll walk through creating a navigation bar in Kajabi as part of our live training from PBK's pop-up group. With Kajabi, you can create as many navigation bars as you want and use them to customize the user experience on your Kajabi website pages, standalone pages, pipeline pages, and products.

🎉 This video is part of PBK's special bi-annual pop-up group that we run in April and September each year exclusively for Kajabians who want personalized attention as they are working on their businesses using Kajabi. As you can see this is a personalized experience as I listen to their questions and then walk them through a variety of business, legal, and Kajabi guidance to help them find the solution ideally suited for them.

Step 1: What is your NP2NYC?

  • It's essential to know exactly what the path you are creating for your audience is so that you know what navigation bars to use and when. 
  • If you haven't yet been introduced to NP2NYC, I'd love to introduce you and you'll find what thousands of others have - it's the easiest short-hand to quickly map out sales funnels and business models with ease. 
  • What is your North Pole (read magnets)?
  • What is your Lead Magnet (opt in)?
  • What is your Intro Offer?
  • What is your NYC Offer?

Step 2: Creating a Navigation Bar in Kajabi

  • Once you know your NP2NYC, then you decide what menu bar do you need to create. 
  • I recommend drawing out what you want on paper so you have a blueprint to use as you are making your menu/navigation bar. 
  • Then it's a simple process to build your navigation bar:
    • Website >> Navigation >>
    • You'll either create a new navigation bar or editing an existing one.
    • Add and remove links as needed.
    • Edit any copy as needed.
    • Save.

Step 3: Add your navigation bar to your website pages, standalone pages, pipeline, or products. 

  • Once you have your menu/navigation bar done, then all you need to do is add the menu/navigation bar that you want directly into the place you want it. 
  • On your website >> Website >> Design >> select any of the site pages and then customize from under the Header block. 
  • On a product >> Customize >> Header block and customize
  • On a page >> Customize >> Header block and customize

❓Questions ❓

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