Copyrighting Creative Work

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When you know what your real assets are, how to protect them, and when to protect them - you are in a powerful position and driving your business and brand in the direction that you want.

I had the sheer joy and pleasure to sit down and gab with Jonathan all about copyright laws and how they impact our world as creators. Thankfully my good friend Bonnie L. Frank joined in and helped us get all the amazing questions answered! This is a longer blab ... so when you have an hour and want to invest in your knowledge about such an important subject to your business - this is a great way to spend that time!

Blab with Jonathan Trip


Jonathan is the real deal and I encourage you to connect with the great community he's building over at Blabnation. 

My legal Q&A with Fresh Rag's Dave Conrey

Dave and I got together and took specific questions from his creative community regarding copyrighting creative work and broke it down step-by-step. Click here to listen to the podcast. 

While we did focus on jewelry designs, the concepts that I teach about can apply to other products and goods. Included on the podcast episode was this free download worksheet. 



How do I know when I can use others' works and not get in trouble?

Great question! You want to make sure that you understand how the Fair Use defense works. I've created this downloadable worksheet that you can use anytime you are wondering if your use of someone else's creative work is going to be ok, or land you in trouble. This resource is one of the many included in the BIZLEBOX™ monthly membership community. 

Where can I find out more information about this topic?

Click here and reserve your spot in BIZLEBOX™ Jam Sessions. I'm not simply re-imagining how you experience the legal world - I'm looking at all aspects of how we engage with each other and have created the first ever BIZLEBOX™ Jam Sessions. 

Just think - login when it works for you, no rush to listen or click, simply sit back and relax -- and learn from amazing professionals who geek out about all the stuff that causes the sticky situations in business and life.