5 Ways to Get Ready for Kajabi's Release of Encore and the App

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Kajabi has BIG releases in the works for all of us this fall and I want to do everything I can to help you be ready and take quick and decisive action when Kajabi rolls out the new Encore page theme and the mobile app - all happening in the next few months. 

I'm a HUGE fan of simplify to amplify. Keep what we are doing as minimalist or essentialist as possible so that we can amplify our message, results and freedoms. 

I've put together these flash briefings to help you get a head start on the prep work now so that you are ready to take swift action when Kajabi sends you the emails letting you know that you can now use the next wave of genius that they've been working on for us. 

Get Your Kajabi Business Ready Now

The best time to make sure you have enough food for the winter is planting and harvesting over the summer and fall. I'm sure it's a proverb from somewhere but couldn't for the life of me find the origination point. 

NOW is the time to get ready for the release of Encore and the mobile app. What Kajabi has designed and built with this new page theme is going to blow your mind but before that happens - why not do all the prep work now so that when Encore and the mobile app are released - you are ready to take swift action?

PBK Action Get Started - map out your site on paper. Not the digital site map that Google reads from but a plain and simple roadmap of all the pages, offers, forms, site pages, pipelines, quizzes, etc. that make up the serious business you have on Kajabi. 

What are your core offers? Your NYC (New York City)

I use and love the NP2NYC™ Method because it works. I can write down in a fast minute my entire business plan and customer experience just by knowing these four pieces:

  1. NYC (New York City) - what am I selling? My main offering.
  2. Intro - what is the intro product that I am selling? (Don't always have one nor is one always needed)
  3. Lead Magnet (LM) - how am I exciting my visitors to WANT to engage with me and become a subscriber? This is the desired destination (more on that to come a bit later on) and not a forgotten download.
  4. North Pole (NP) - how am I consistently showing up for my cold traffic?

PBK Action for NYC - What are your NYC offers? What are you selling? Do you want to keep selling? Do you want to sell more? Open up Analytics on your Kajabi dashboard and see your metrics. Add these metrics to the site map that you made yesterday. 

What are your intro offers?

Not all businesses need an intro (or lily pad) offer. This is a lower-ticket or commitment product or service designed to help move your subscribers to buyers. 

In the example, I used a membership model at $29/month. The intro offer could be $5/14-day trial or anything else.

PBK Action for Intro Offers - What is your intro offer? Go into the analytics inside your Kajabi dashboard and get your metrics. How many people purchase your intro offer compared to your NYC or core offer? Do you have the best intro offer for moving your buyer into your NYC/core offer?

Are you creating the desired destination with your lead magnets?

Lead magnets are not one-size-fits-all they're not even one-size-fits-most!

The best lead magnet is the ONE that excites your visitors to want to engage and interact with you and they start that relationship by providing their name and email. After listening to why the desired destination is the way to go - then take some time to work on the PBK Action for your lead magnets. 

PBK Action for Lead Magnets - How many front doors to you have to your business? Look at the site map you created - how many different ways and places are you providing for people to give you their name and email? What if you went with the ONE front door model? How would that simplify life + business right now and give you the chance to amplify your message, results, and freedoms? 

How consistent are you with your read magnets?

Unlike the lead magnets where having ONE front door makes sense - your read magnets are anywhere and everywhere that you are visible in life + business. 

The key to rocking your North Pole is konsistency - not a spelling error!

At the end of the day, konsistency is key!

Yes, I totally enjoy swapping out "k" for "c" whenever humanly possible - after all that little "K" has made all the difference in my life!

PBK Action for Read Magnets (Your North Pole) - Where are you showing up konsistently? Are you showing up konsistently? How could you simplify your read magnets to amplify what you are doing? 

Behind the scenes - I simplified my read magnets by making ONE blog post + all the Alexa flash briefings for the week on ONE page. I didn't use to do this but I applied simplify to amplify and this was an easy action to take - 

  • ONE page means ONE title, description, and image
  • ONE page means that in sharing ONE link - visitors can read the entire story. 
  • ONE page means that I can do a whole week of Alexa flash briefings and not need 5-7 pages (depending on how many episodes I'm doing that week)

A Kajabi Done-For You Checklist

If you want the done-for-you checklist on this topic, I'd love to get it into your hands. We have so much to do with Kajabi that there is simply no need to reinvent the wheel. I made this for myself and PBK members and am glad to invite you to use it too!

PBK Free Kajabi Resource Library