Kajabi Website Tutorial - Popular Q&A with Kajabians

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There are hundreds of Kajabi website tutorial available. In this live training call, learn the questions to really be asking as you are creating your Kajabi experience for your customers.

Here are the topics we discussed:

πŸ— Overview of the questions asked about "What would you like on your website?" 0:00
πŸ— Cookie policy and pop-up - 3:12
πŸ— How to make a clean footer - 6:44
πŸ— Cookie pop-ups - 9:37
πŸ— Bizlebox is one of my paid offers - https://www.tamsenhorton.com/bizle
πŸ— How to place your cookie pop-up code in Kajabi - 12:52
πŸ— How to know if you are using site pages or standalone pages - 15:27
πŸ— How Premier and Encore are different (think Honda v. Ford - both cars but not the same) - 17:19
πŸ— The app I use on my iPad - 22:07
πŸ— Why I prefer to use standalone pages for everything I can - 23:04
πŸ— Which pages are "site pages" - 24:14
πŸ— How purchase terms cover students from taking course and then creating their own course - 27:06
πŸ— Where I place "legal" on the offer checkout pages - 29:53
πŸ— Purchase terms - 33:24
πŸ— The evolution that I've seen in terms of ripping off others' courses - 35:00

πŸŽ‰ This video is part of PBK's special bi-annual pop-up group that we run in April and September each year exclusively for Kajabians who want personalized attention as they are working on their businesses using Kajabi. As you can see this is a personalized experience as I listen to their questions and then walk them through a variety of business, legal, and Kajabi guidance to help them find the solution ideally suited for them.
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