How to Sell Services to Customers Using Kajabi, part 1

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How to Sell Services to Customers Using Kajabi

Step 1: What is your NP2NYC? 

NP2NYC is a precise framework for clearly identifying and executing read magnets, lead magnets, intro offers, and main/core offers into a single, streamlined user experience to maximize sales conversions.

To build anything that can stand the test of time, you need a blueprint. NP2NYC is the blueprint tool for you. Quick and easy. Unforgettable and highly actionable.

  • What is your North Pole (read magnets, cold traffic)? This can be your website, your Facebook business page, a YouTube channel, or any number of other ways that a new visitor to your business can find you. 
  • What is your Lead Magnet (optin)? This can be anything but it is delivered to the person's email address that they provide to you via an opt-in form. 
  • What is your Intro Offer (tripwire, lily pad)? What is the first way that a customer can buy from you? 
  • What is your NYC (core offer)? What is the second way that someone can buy from you? 

Step 2: What are you really selling? 

It's so important to know what you are really selling and most of the time it's not at all what you think you are selling. I've taken the liberty to share what these companies really sold to me although not a single one mentioned any of these things as what I could buy. 

❓ What do you think you sell? 

❓ What would your customers say you sell? 

  • Flooring = I no longer have to be a nag; I wake up every morning feeling like I'm at my favorite hotel; I no longer have to feel like I'm eating from a flooring buffet every day. 
  • Counters = I smile every time I look down and see what I chose; I feel like I'm finally on my own FoodNetwork show; I'm just happy because I finally got my choices in my house. 
  • Tree Removal = Fewer leaves in my gutters = happy husband = happy me; I can open my car door in the driveway and not be attacked by the prickly trees; The boys have double the yard space to run and play; No more 20+ yards of bark delivery every year; no more weeding; added back 80 hours to our lives to do whatever we want (aka 3.33 days) in having a low-maintenance yard now. 

Step 3: Turn on your NP2NYC

If you don't yet have a solution for how to take a website visitor through seamlessly through falling in love with your business and buying what you have to offer, then I encourage you to take a FREE 28-day test-drive with Kajabi and see how easy it is to use in your service-based business. If you're anything like me, the numbers matter in your own business and I've got you covered - see my answer to "Is Kajabi too expensive"

If you have Kajabi, then you need to make sure you have the pieces in place to move visitors from your North Pole (aka cold traffic) through to your NYC (what you want them to buy from you.)

I've got an expertly curated set of resources that you can access anytime in the FREE Kajabi Resource Library (see the bottom of the page or the START HERE button). 

Step 4: Ask me for ideas on your service-based business?

I'm willing and able to answer your questions re: your specific service-based business. Please don't hesitate - you can use the Contact Me link on this page.  

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