OPEN NOW: S4 Branding Method: How to Brand Like a Lawyer

Noisy name or strong silent?

While there's not a guaranteed recipe for creating a strong brand, there are key ingredients that you should use.

The Real Consequences of a Cease & Desist Letter

If you're in any way connected to a brand and in business, then you are going to be impacted by a cease and desist letter in some way, some day. I'd like to give you the knowledge to make it a less scary process.

Surveying = giving away your #ideababies

The dark side of asking for opinions on social media when it comes to your brand.

Insights from lawyers on the questions you should ask us.

  • Q: What kind of experience do you have working with businesses like mine?
  • Q: When should I consult a lawyer for my business?
  • Q: Would I work with you online or in person?
  • Q: What are your fees and what other expenses can I expect to incur? (Am I billed for emails and telephone calls?)
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