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Are you a professional juggler too? 

Trying to keep all the balls in the air - Mom, dad, cook, cleaner, taxi-driver, business owner, employee, friend, aunt, uncle, ... 

I so get it.

I'm right there with you! Wife, mom, friend, taxi-driver, cook, attorney, referee (two little boys), business owner, creative, ... each area of life brings me so much joy and yet there's the constant tension trying to keep everything going and people as happy as possible. 

  • Do you crave simplicity?
  • Want more time with the people you enjoy spending time with?
  • Less laptop time?
  • Less frustration when it comes to putting a business together, running it, and also growing it?
  • Tired of feeling like you're slipping on the Kajabi learning curve?
  • Just want to finally know what to do, when to do it, and have someone simply lay out the steps for you?

Me too and you're in the right place. 


Life is short and we are so fortunate to live during a time when parents can choose how they align their careers & businesses with their families. 

As an attorney, I never dreamt that I'd be able to share my knowledge in such a way that also allowed me to catch all the first steps, school events, giggles, and even the tears and skinned knees.

The Preneur Business Klub

Each day I have the pleasure of helping others achieve their goals and enjoy the journey they are on. PBK, The Preneur Business Klub is a space to connect, create, share, practice, ask questions, dig deeper, solve problems, learn new skills, test out ideas, play with new tech toys, launch new programs, share victories, and forge lasting connections with others who have decided to take their entrepreneurial journey with Kajabi. They are days I love and am so thankful I get to be a part of such an incredible community changing the world - one life, one program, one website at a time.

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It's no secret that I LOVE what Kajabi has allowed me to do with my life and business. In the last two years alone, I figure I've saved roughly $20,000 in all the tools I cancelled, since Kajabi does it all, and added 130 full 24-hour days to my free time since I no longer fight with WordPress and all its silly plugins.

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A legit family affair

We don't live in a bubble and so everything that touches business, legal, and Kajabi (around here at least) is blended with a healthy dose of reality!